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The Power of Emotional Intelligence & Creative Thinking

Emotions of people are management’s business. The cost of lack of emotional intelligence at work is huge in terms of staff turnover, low productivity, stress, mistakes and poor customer service – but they often go unnoticed. As a leader, your job is to find out how employees deal with emotions and help them deal with it. This is not only about being kind but also practical business sense too.

Leading with emotional intelligence is crucial because people can’t focus and deliver good job if they’re distracted by strong emotions. Emotions cause many problems with performance and productivity and you need to connect with feelings to rectify these issues. Beyond the traditional leadership roles and responsibilities, today’s workplace uncertainty requires leaders to be much more sensitive about what matters most to their employees.
Too many leaders assume that their colleagues have the same drive to succeed and willingness to sacrifice in order to advance as they do. Everyone is different and leaders must be more mindful to embrace those differences and strategically leverage them to create and sustain unique opportunities within their departments and for the business.
Learn to apply the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader and give yourself a winning edge. EI helps you create and sustain unique opportunities and more impactful relationships. When these emotional needs are taken care, the productivity of an organization will see tremendous growth.

A proven technique is to have good problem solving and analytical skills. Honing these skills can make a huge difference to your career. Problems are at the centre of what many people do at work every day. Whether you’re solving a problem for a client (internal or external), supporting those who are solving problems, or discovering new problems to solve, the problems you face can be large or small, simple or complex, and easy or difficult.
A fundamental part of every staff’s role is finding ways to solve them. So, being a confident problem solver is important to your success. Much of that confidence comes from having a good process to use when approaching a problem. With one, you can solve problems quickly and effectively. Without one, your solutions may be ineffective, or you’ll get stuck and do nothing, with sometimes painful consequences. Having identified the problem and finding the solution, making the right decision is the next key to your success in your career.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Implement & practice core skills on self-management, self-awareness, social awareness & relationship management at work
• Strengthen relationships at work by increasing your understanding of social & emotional behaviours
• Interpret, manage & adapt more effectively with responses to situations.
• Cultivate success at work through regulating & navigating your emotions to overcome challenging situations & conflicts
• Taking intelligent action & be fully aware of emotion-based decisions
• Understand and apply an effective problem-solving process
• Recognize and resolve business problems
• Collaborate with others to solve problems
• Use different techniques to solve challenging problems
• Generate options, and exercise choices wisely

Module 1: FLASH AND TELL (energizer)

  • Flash and tell answer of each emotion
  • 15 cartoon/human emotion, how many did you get it right?


  • What’s positive emotions?
  • What’s negative emotions?
  • Benefits of positive emotions

Module3: THE PLAYER! (activity)

  • Fun, engaging and practical cards game to learn about people, emotions and how to better connect with each other!

Module 4: NAME THAT EMOTION (activity)

  • Randomly stick 12 cartoon cards to 12 participants
  • Ask and tell why this emotion can be effective?
  • My emotion is…and it is positive because…


  • List of positive emotions/action of positive emotions
  • Optimism, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Hope, Spirituality, Joyful, Amused, Inspire, Love, Empathy, Cooperation. Choose which emotion is your strength
  • Leaders with positive emotion, e.g. Mandela

Module 6: POSITIVE EMOTION ISLAND (group exercise)

  • Events which you have positive emotion
  • Discover your commonalities to ensure continuous positive emotion


  • Negative state—Neutral state—Positive state
  • Broader scope/big picture
  • Take in more information
  • See more connection
  • Be more creative
  • Track positive emotion ratio
  • 3-to-1 ratio

Module 8: THE HEARTBEAT (activity)

  • Change your emotion by the flip of a card!
  • Know the linkage and create endless possibilities of a happier life!


  • Optimist assessment
  • Optimist and Pessimist
  • Key dimensions of optimism
  • 2 steps to become an optimist


  • Able to connect, charm and win over others
  • 7 proven steps to become charismatic


  • Frames of Thought
  • Personal Beliefs & Values
  • Mindset
  • Looking for Correct Answer
  • The Art of Dividing a Pumpkin


  • Analyzing Problems
  • Looking for Patterns
  • Identifying Similarities & Spotting Differences
    Activity: Paradox Project
    Description: Participants will need design and break secret codes. They will learn to analyse patterns and use that to decipher the codes.

Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Executive Assistants, Confidential/Executive/ Private/Personal Secretaries, Administrative/Department/Corporate/Executive Secretaries, Office Administrators, Office Managers, Principal/Personal/ Administrative Assistants, Management Assistants, HR Officers, HR Assistants, Event Coordinators, Corporate Affairs & PR Executives, Customer Relationship Managers & Executives, Account Managers, frontline & support staff & ALL Other Administrative Support Groups

  • Expert Input, Instructions
  • Comprehensive Notes, Workbook & Handouts
  • Group Discussions, Presentations
  • Group & Individual Exercises
  • Video Clips, Brainstorming Sessions
  • Practical Hands On Sessions
  • Demonstrations, Role Play
  • Relevant Games & Activities


Aaron is one of the most dynamic trainers, speaker & coach in the training industry. He has over 15 years of training & coaching experiences ranging from SMEs to MNCs. He has excellent language skill whereby he could converse fluently in English, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin. With his strong language skills, solid education background & continuous learning, he is able to manage & reach people from all levels. Importantly, he stays current with his own eagerness to learn.

He has dynamic speaking ability with humorous approach, he loves to be challenged by his participants which is uncommon in this industry. One of his quotes is “I’ll be very excited if you ask a question which I cannot answer & I will reward you if that happens”. He believes learning is alive whereby people must be at ease, curious & discover as if they are taking a new path in life. He has worked with over 400 companies & coaches 10,000 people annually. Service is his passion; he was one of the few who ran a multiple format of the bestseller “The Fish Philosophy!” He organized workshop, training, conference based on fish principles. He even launched fish culture for organization! Choose your attitude is his favourite among 4 principles! Attitude is the deciding factor between success & failure, choose wisely every day!

Some of his accomplishments were training a group of MD from Asia Pacific, platform speaker for ING convention, business coach for client over 10 years, retail coach for major retailers, conducted hundreds of teams building programs & many other events. He is passionate about Emotional Intelligence, intra & inter-personal development modules. His signatures programs are Winning with Emotional Intelligence, how to be Self-Discipline & F.O.C.U.S. It is fascinating to discover how distracted we are in the most connected century. These programs will help people to stay grounded & achieve more in life.


Currently serving as the President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTaC), Soo Hoo has been a trainer in the area of Subliminal Persuasion, Entrepreneurship and Mindset Breakthrough since 2007. In recognition of his achievements and contribution Soo Hoo is awarded with the prestigious Global Training & Development Leadership Award by The World HRD Congress in their Silver Jubilee Celebration and as Most Distinguished Trainer in Asia’s Training & Development Excellence Award. Soo Hoo has also recently been listed in Marquis’ “Who’s Who in The World” the world’s leading biographical database which lists the top 2% of the world’s professionals and a source of reference for Forbes in their annual selection.
He began young with a high-flying career in banking sales, servicing high net worth individuals at an international bank. In appreciation of his passion and commitment in managing their financial portfolio, some of his clients shared their experiences with him and mentored him, teaching the business and life skills they had gained in their rich lives.

With what he learnt Soo Hoo launched his own consulting business, managing corporate clients and assisting them to grow their businesses. Among his many successes then was growing the profit of a company from RM200,000 – to over RM 1,000,000 in profits within 3 years. Another was in helping a client (KSKW Cambodia Ltd) to acquire and design a USD2 Billion integrated development project in 2007.

Soo Hoo has trained regionally to participants from over 30 countries. He has designed a program called Subliminal Persuasion. This program combines the best of Neuroscience Technologies including Hypnosis, NLP & Body Language to influence the decision-making process to build deep trust and rapport. This has proven to be a very popular program.

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