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Techniques for Result-Oriented Communication

In today’s business world, your work requires not only just academic skills but also skills in resilience & agility at work to handle all kinds of situations. And NLP can help achieve this through its core communication techniques.

In this course, you will learn to enhance your communication skills to achieve win-win solutions with the people around you – your bosses, clients, colleagues & family members.

About NLP
NLP is one of the fastest growing personal & business development areas of expertise. By mastering & learning its simple, fast, proven & effective techniques, you can instantly improve performance, success & results desired.

  • Evaluate your communication style & perception – explore differences to leverage on others
  • Elevate your communication skills to new levels, along with your self-confidence, motivation, productivity, performance & outcomes
  • Use feedback strategies for clear & precise communication results
  • Speak assertively & confidently
  • Learn to listen carefully to build massive rapport
  • Learn body language to turn frustrating situations into productive outcomes & rewarding relationships & use it to your advantage
  • Be able to steer conversations & influence people
  • Communicate clearly, appropriately & with greater positive impact
  • Learn how NLP skills can help you to choose the “right” words, better assimilate verbal information, communicate clearly & effectively interpret what you hear to reduce misunderstandings
  • Use actionable strategies & skills to address most business communications
  • Master the critical art of buy-in by learning “Persuasion Cycle” & building deep rapport

Module 1: Assess Your Communication Style  –  Style Differences

  • Profile your communication through Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI)
  • Define your preferred communication style, strengths & limitations
  • Improve on the skills you already possess
  • Evaluate & speak your clients’ language
  • Be aware to other people’s communication styles & how they like to be treated
  • Assess your effectiveness & identify improvement areas

Assessment: Evaluating & Applying CBCI Scores

Role Play: CB Cards – ‘Building A House On The Moon’

Exercise: ‘World of Communication Map’

Module 2: NLP Communication Model & Meta Programs 

  • Understanding how perception can impact on your image & performance
  • NLP thought process & how to understand other’s expectation
  • How you process thoughts  – deletion, distortion & generalization
  • Why you do, communicate & make decisions the way you do
  • Controlling your mental filters in communication
  • NLP Communication Model & how people like to receive information
  • Resourceful language pattern – producing clear & precise messages
  • Using strategic words to avoid misunderstanding

Game: Map Out Yours & Others’ Meta Programs – ‘Map of the World’

Drama: Deletion, Distortion, Generalization

Module 3: Power-Boost Confidence Through Body Language

  • Interpreting & responding to body language signals
  • VAKs – Are you visual, auditory, kinesthetic?
  • How to exude confidence from within yourself
  • The power of eye contact to build rapport & improve business relationship
  • Using gestures & facial expressions to read between the lines
  • Create opportunities & impact during conversations by being in control of your body language

Demonstration & Hands On Session: Eye Accessing Cues, Sensory Acuity & Calibration

Observation Assignment: Body Scan

Module 4: Developing Effective & Emphatic Listening 

  • Why no one really listens
  • Overcome the barriers & prejudices to effective listening Train your ears to hear people clearly (especially your customers)
  • Sharpen your question skills to obtain information
  • Train your verbal responding skills to suit the listener’s communication style
  • Empathize to defuse emotionally charged situations
  • Respond effectively to nonverbal cues

Role Play: Active & Reflective Listening Skills

Communication Game: Choudhury Maze

Module 5: Prepare To Walk Your Talk & Targeting Your Message

  • Roadmap for clean, clear & concise communication
  • Biggest mistakes in communication & communication breakdown
  • Sort out your thoughts & checking for understandin
  • Applying the Know-Feel-Do Model of communicating
  • Audience analysis: crafting messages to address listeners’ needs, wants & priorities
  • Positively impact the visual, verbal, vocal  & non-verbal components
  • Pick constructive dialogue  & “Can Do” language to demonstrate support
  • Send nonverbal signals that invite & encourage constructive dialog
  • Use examples, analogies, metaphors & storytelling to increase impact
  • Practice targeted questions to engage & connect with others

Group Activity: Storytelling with Imagery, Metaphors, Passion & Evocative Language (using a real work situation)

Challenge Activity: Crafting Messages That Speak To Listeners’ Hearts & Minds – Adapting Messages To Others’ Communication Style Preferences – Check For Understanding & Retention Of Message

Role Play: Choosing To Communicate Assertively

Module 6: Being A Persuasive Communicator & Develop A Mindset Of Excellence

  • What makes a good & persuasive communicator?
  • Using your core values to integrate good communication skills at work & in life
  • Model the “secrets” of successful persuasive communicators
  • The human belief system
  • 6 NLP presuppositions – Perception is Projection & how to see ideas conflicts& ‘heated’ situations
  • Self-awareness & consciousness to understand yourself deeper

Module 7: The Art Of Influence & Persuasion

  • How to build deep rapport successfully
  • Strategies in building instant rapport
  • The secrets of ‘matching’ & ‘mirroring’
  • ‘Pacing’ & ‘Leading’ to close any deal
  • Exploring the Persuasion Cycle & buy-in as a part of the cycle
  • 9 core rules for getting through to anyone
  • Master the techniques to make another person feel seen, understood & felt
  • Determine The Appropriate Strategy For A Given Business Situation

Drama: To Achieve Buy-In & “Get Through”

Role Play: Rapport Building To Enhance Your Influence

Module 8: Hypnotic Voice For Better Influence

  • Develop a greater awareness of your unique voice
  • Your expressive tone of voice
  • The meaning of the voices
  • Vocal variety that influences your listener & turn opportunities to business deal

Module 9: Creating A Personal Action Plan

  • Great communicator’s secrets revealed
  • Reflecting on areas for improvements
  • Action Plan
  • The Communication Challenge: How Clear Are You?

Video Clips & Quiz: Testing Your 7Cs in Clear Communication

All business professionals & corporate staff from all the different departments who want to master the skills to communicate in a positive, professional manner no matter what the situation. This course is suitable for all those looking to enhance their skills in influencing persuading, communicating and building rapport.

  • Group Discussions, Presentations, Video Clips
  • Brainstorming Sessions, Practical Hands On Sessions
  • Group & Individual Exercises
  • Demonstrations, Role Plays, Games & Activities
  • Notes & Hand Outs

Rachel Kor

  • Certified Master Performance Coach (ICF Approved)
  • From DC Psychology International & American Institute of Business Psychology
  • Certification in Colored Brain Communication
  • Certification in Human Drivers & Motivation
  • Certification in Dynamic Speaking
  • Certification in Curriculum Development
  • Certified Trainer in Emotional Quotient
  • Certified Trainer PSMB (Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia)
  • Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certification in Hypnotherapy from London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH)
  • Attended course on Clinton Swaine’s Experiential Training “Play To Win”
  • Studied & Did Research on Creativity, Innovation, Lateral Thinking, Problem Solving, Positive Thinking, Mind Mastery, Law of Attraction, Visualization, Self Fulfilling Prophecy, Affirmation, Silva Life System in Mind Development & Stress Control

She is a Master Trainer in Creativity & Thinking Outside The Box, Problem Solving Skills, Master Your Mind, Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Drivers, Success Tools & Colored Brain, Communication, Negotiation, Peak Performance, Goal Setting, Positive Work Attitude, Leadership & Sales Warriors.

She has undertaken training, consultancy & facilitation projects with various companies, both private & public sectors. She is a sought after Learning & Development Strategist, People Developer, Trainer, Coach & Mentor. Her training incorporate effective evaluation methods, powerful techniques of varied disciplines & practical tools for all her learning solutions.

Driven by a passion for delivering awesomeness, she ensures she execute cutting edge learning technologies, share highly relevant knowledge, provide critical & up to date information, deliver time tested methodologies & conduct interactive sessions – all are formulated to achieve results like never before.

Her determination & speed in producing training solutions is one of the key reasons her clients keep coming back to her over & over again. Her research, knowledge & experience made Rachel Khor in the front line within her profession.

She loves people development – during her high impact training sessions she is committed, dynamic & outcome driven. She utilizes Accelerated Training methodologies to inspire change & fast results. She trains with her personal brand of positivity, charisma & focus which greatly motivates her participants to achieve greater heights of achievement.

Participants have described her sessions as inspiring, thought provoking, energetic & easy to understand. During her sessions, her ability to be neutral, non-judgmental, supporting the group & upholding its wisdom has allowed her to effectively extract participation in a magical way.

Based on the belief that every individual has a core genius & the ability to soar given the right opportunity; Rachel’s training methodology breaks limiting beliefs, overcomes obstacles & cultivates trust across cultures.

Rachel receives rave reviews/excellent ratings due to her dynamism, knowledge & fantastic rapport with her participants. She achieves this by ensuring her training is relevant & solution based – always updated with new ideas, strategies & techniques.

Rachel’s clients include:

Leighton Offshore, Petronas, Sarawak Energy, Shell, Talisman, BNM, Kementerian Kewangan, Kenanga Investment, Alliamz, Ambank, Affin Holdings, CIMB, Exim Bank, Maybank, Mavcap, RHB Bank, Public Bank, UOB, HSBC, Danajamin, Pan Malaysia Pools, MAA Assurance, Malaysian Reinsurance, Takaful Iklas, Tokio Marine, ACE, Aneka Insurance, Etiqa, MII, Agilent, Ansell, Bristol,  Cahya Mata, Cameron, Camcar Textron, Cyberview, Dell, Emhart Glass, Khazanah Nasional, Kotak, Infineon, IJM Plantations, Impressive Edge, Kanzen, KKIP, Kossan Rubber, LG Aluminium, M Mode, Merck, Mimos, MRCB, MNRB, Minetech Resources, Munchys,  Myceb, OYL Industries, Pernec, Prokhas, Royal Selangor, Selangor Industrial Corporation, Samsung, Sara Lee, Scenic Moulding, Sime Tyre, SIRIM, Tencate, Takeuzi, Totokiki, Toshiba, Niro Ceramic, Valuecap, White Horse Ceramic, UMW, MAS, Malaysian Airport, KLAS Airport Services, MRT Corp, Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang, PTP, Westport, Johor Port, TNB, Telekom, Maxis, Sunrise, SP Setia, Selangor Dredging, Worldwide Holdings, YLI Industry, IOI, Genting, Hotel Equatorial, Eastin Hotel, Saujana Resort, Subang Medical Centre, Ampang Puteri Hospital, Institut Jantung Negara, Yayasan Pelajaran MARA, Msian Export Academy, FMM, UEM, Naza, Open University, Swinburne University, UKM, UM, Attorney General Office, DBKL, PNB, Iskandar, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Transport, Jabatan Ketua Menteri, Jabatan Perancangan Bandar, SPAD, Yayasan Sarawak, government sectors, etc

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