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Microsoft Excel For Intermediate Level

Excel is the most commonly deployed spreadsheet package in the world, partly because it comes as part of Microsoft Office. Participants will learn how to use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently, and they will start working with more advanced formatting options including styles, themes, and backgrounds.

They will also learn how to create outlines and subtotals, how to create and apply cell names, and how to work with tables. This course also covers advanced charting techniques, use of trendlines and sparklines, worksheet auditing and protection, file sharing and merging, and workbook templates. Finally, participants will learn to work with PivotTables and Pivot Charts

At end of an intermediate training course in Excel, a learner should be able to use some of the more advanced features of the Excel application. It will equip learners to handle tables, images and charts and to build the whole presentation using slide animations and transitions.

Module 1: Introduction

  • What is Excel?
  • Excel Environment
  • Toolbars

Module 2: Workbooks and Worksheets

  • Creating and Opening Workbooks
  • Working with Worksheets
  • Working with Cells
  • Navigating the Worksheet and Workbooks

Module 3: Formatting and Customizing Data

  • Selecting Items in Excel
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Manipulating Data
  • Formatting Columns and Rows
  • Formatting with Colours and Patterns
  • Adding and Editing Borders
  • Using AutoFormat

Module 4: Range Names

  • Concept and Purpose
  • Naming individual or range cells
  • Deleting and amending named ranges
  • Using named cells/ranges in formulae

Module 5: Conditional Functions & Formats and Date Calculations

  • Benefits and purpose
  • If Statements, Nested If
  • And, Or, Not
  • Combining If, And, Or, Not
  • Sum if, Countify
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Entering Dates and Times
  • Different date/time formats
  • How dates are stored
  • Calculating working days
  • Using the DAY(),MONTH(),YEAR() functions
  • Time calculations

Module 6: Formulae Auditing

  • Formula Auditing Tools
  • Revealing Formulae
  • Tracing Precedents/Dependents
  • Goto Special

 Module 7: Worksheet Management & Linking

  • Linking sheets in the same file
  • Linking different Excel files
  • Using Edit, Links
  • Viewing different files at once
  • Saving a workspace
  • Viewing different sheets at once
  • Window Split
  • Data consolidation

 Module 8: Basic List Management

  • Sorting Data
  • Adding Subtotals
  • Auto filter
  • Freeze Panes
  • Group and Outline
  • Data Form

Module 9: Excel Charts / Graphs

  • Using the Chart Wizard
  • Editing and Formatting charts
  • Saving custom chart types
  • Setting a default chart type

All managers, executives, supervisors, team leaders, all support & admin personnel

  • Expert Input, Instructions
  • Comprehensive Notes, Workbook & Handouts
  • Group Discussions, Presentations
  • Group & Individual Exercises
  • Video Clips, Brainstorming Sessions
  • Practical Hands On Sessions
  • Demonstrations

1. Miriam

Miriam has over 10 years of experiences as Freelance Trainer / VBA Consultant & Project development / Course Development.

Educational Background

Master of Computer Science

Master of Computer Science fully research at title “classification of lichen species using artificial neural networks”

University of Malaya

B.Sc. (Hons.) Computing

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Adv Diploma in Computer Studies – Informatics KL

NCC Diploma in Computer Studies – Informatics PJ

Informatic Groups

Courses Conducted

  1. Trained on Microsoft Office Applications
  2. Trained on Excel VBA, Excel VBA with Microsoft Access Database
  3. VB/C# Visual Studio 2005
  4. Front page 2003 and Web Expression
  5. Project 2003/2007
  6. C# for Outlook programming
  7. Crystal Report
  8. Perl
  9. Java and etc


  • Sun SL-275 Java Programming Language Instructor
  • Sun SL-275 Java Programming Language Certificate
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Advanced Java Certificate of Attendance by IEC (Infortech Sdn Bhd)

2. Mohamad Ridzuan bin Abdul Rashid

Born in 1972. Received early education in Kuantan, Pahang and graduated Diploma in Information Technology in Kuala Lumpur. Experienced in IT since 1986 and started to be an in-house Microsoft Office trainer for Oil & Gas multi-national foreign company since 1997. Moved into IT Corporate training as a freelance trainer since 2007.

Educational Background

  • SPM – Science (1989)
  • Diploma – Information Technology (2007)
  • Licentiate Wedding and Portrait Photographers of Asia (2013)
  • CCIG Accredited Event Photographer (2016)


  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Double Master
  • Word Expert
  • Excel Expert
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Certified Shell IT Trainer
  • Exempted HRDF SBL Khas

Courses Conducted

  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Outlook
  5. Office 365
  6. Excel Power Apps
  7. Power BI
  8. Access
  9. VBA
  10. Project
  11. OneNote
  12. Publisher
  13. Other Trainings
  14. G Suite (Google)
  15. Digital Photography

Work Experience

  • Oil Palm Plantation – Accounts and Admin (1990 – 1995)
  • Golf & Resort – Accounts and Admin (1995 – 1997)
  • Oil & Gas – Materials Controller and Procurement (1997 – 2005)
  • Freelance IT Consultant and Trainer (2007 – Present)


Shobah is a trainer who can put participant at ease and strike a conversation easily. She wants the trainees to feel good after attending her training class. She’s a very passionate trainer and willing to compensate more than what is required to be taught. She hopes to make a positive impact in each trainee that attends her training programme.

Educational Background


Basic Computer Principles, Computer, Programming (Basic & COBOL), Rel. Math &

Stats, Accounting Methods, Business Organization, Business Communication, WordStar, Lotus 1-2-3, Dbase 3+

Courses Conducted

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor – Microsoft Office 2000
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor – Microsoft Office XP
  • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2007 – (Certiport)

Work Experience

Freelance Trainer

July 2004 to Present

  • Have been training at a Training Centre in Boulevard, Midvalley and on site at organizations like HSBC, Great Eastern, OCBC, Sony, Citibank, Standard Chartered, Mah Sing, MIMOS, and Bank of Tokyo
  • Provide software and hardware training to members of administration, faculty, staff and students
  • Technical writer – develop and re-design step-by-step training materials for end-users
  • Have been training extensively in Excel, Word, Power Point & Access


March 2000 to July 2004

  • Prepare lessons for lab tutorials and design class examples for hands-on instruction
  • Instruct students on use of complete MS Office package
  • Repair and troubleshoot software and hardware problems


June 1998 to February 2000

  • Reproduce books using Microsoft Word’97
  • Proofreading books prepared by administrative clerks
  • Extract and input all cases from Industrial Law Report and Current Law Journal into Industrial Court, High Court or Court of Appeal using in-house software.
  • Attend to all CEO needs in the absence of the Secretary.
  • Prepare brochures and scan picture to create book covers.
  • Knowledge in Labour Law Wizard (created and marketed by SMPD), which includes updating the latest questions/answer, documentation and section.


June 1998 to January 1997

  • Conduct in-house and on-site training for clients from multi-national companies and financial institution.
  • Develop IT manual, exercise and outline


May 1995 to January 1997

  • Conduct in-house training for staffs
  • Develop IT manual, exercise and outline
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot software and hardware problems
  • Responsible for opening and closing computer labs
  • Assist and train students with use of computers
  • Create artwork for advertisement using Adobe Photoshop


June 1994 to February 1995

  • Instruct students on use of complete MS Office package


January 1991 to February 1995

  • Typing Liquor Agreement using Professional Write
  • Preparing Purchase Order for Embassy Liquor Purchase
  • See to all the needs of the Sales Executive in the department

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