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Effective Coaching Skills For Managers

Today’s organizations operate in environments of continuous change. Changes in company strategy, the introduction of new products and increasing demands from customers all serve to challenge the knowledge and skills of managers. Effective communications and training are a prerequisite for any company who wishes their teams to adapt & deliver excellent results, but this is not enough.

Today’s manager must consider how they will assist their people to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to be successful. By applying structured consultative coaching skills, it leads to self-motivation and an attitude that is oriented towards solutions and continual improvement rather than problems and avoidance. This constructive and progressive approach, if embedded into the culture of the company, staff will improve results, increase customer satisfaction levels and enhance  motivation.

This interactive and action packed coaching skills program helps turn managers or supervisors into effective coaches.

a)  Develop a coaching style

  • Understand what coaching is and its purpose
  • Manage Performance Problem
  • The coaching process
  • Qualities of the effective coach
  • The managers’ role as a coach
  • Coaching styles
  • Recognize the importance of preparation
  • Identify key principles of coaching
  • Relate the principles to your work as a coach

b) Give effective feedback in a way that encourages positive change

  • Feedback skills
  • STAR feedback (Putting skills into practice)
  • Learn NLP coaching skills

c)  Provide individuals with a good understanding of Diversity and how they can address the challenges of diversity at workplace when comes to coaching

d)  Coach action plan

Module 1: To Develop A Coaching Style

  • Understand what coaching is and its purpose
  • Types of coaching opportunities: Coaching for Success, Coaching for Improvement & Managing Performance Problems
  • The coaching process
  • Qualities of the effective coach
  • The managers’ role as a coach
  • Coaching styles
  • Recognise the importance of preparation
  • Identify key principles of coaching
  • Relate the principles to your work as a coach

Module 2: To Give Effective Feedback In A Way That Encourages Positive Change 

  • Feedback skills
  • STAR feedback (Putting skills into practice)
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Module 3: Do’s and Don’ts in Coaching

  • What makes a good coach
  • Master the listening skills
  • Understand individual needs vs company’s vision and mission

Module 4:  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching Skills: Perception and Positioning

  • What is NLP
  • What is NLP Perceptual skills
  • How to use positioning and conditioning in NLP
  • How to apply NLP in coaching

Module 5: Coaching Action Plan

  • Design action coaching plan
  • Implement coaching plan
  • Follow-up coaching plan

Module 6:  Coaching To Get Staff Out From Comfort Zone

  • Why there are staff in Comfort Zone
  • How do you know when your staff are in comfort zone
  • How to get staff out from Comfort Zone

Module 7:  How To Use Coaching to Produce High Performing Team

  • The difference between High Performing Team and Low Performing Team
  • Why do teams fall into low performing zone
  • How to use coaching to produce high performing team
  • For experienced or newly appointed managers and team leaders who want to create a supportive learning environment helping staff to improve their skills and knowledge and get the best out of their people
  • Line managers who want a structured and effective method of performing their monthly one to ones
  • Line managers who want to develop their staff in their current role and also longer term
  • Professionals such as engineers, project managers, technical staff who need to teach, share and communicate with others.
  • Expert Input, Instructions
  • Comprehensive Notes, Workbook & Handouts
  • Group Discussions, Presentations
  • Group & Individual Exercises
  • Video Clips, Brainstorming Sessions
  • Practical Hands On Sessions
  • Demonstrations
  • Relevant Games & Activities

Casey Tee

  • Certified Leadership Mastery Trainer
  • Certified Trainer of Leadership Development
  • Master Trainer of Leadership Dynamic, USA
  • LIMRA Certified Trainer.
  • Wilson Learning Certified Sales Trainer
  • NLP Master Trainer
  • Sun Tzu’s Strategic Planning Master Trainer
  • Personal Peak Performance Trainer

Mr. Casey Tee, a 30 years training specialist is acclaimed as one of Asia’s most dynamic and inspiring public speaker in leadership since 1985 and has steadily increased his stature as one of the leading speakers in this region.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied economics from University of Malaya and a Diploma in Management from the US.

Fluent in three (3) languages, (English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin), he is an extremely sought after training specialist both locally and internationally.  He is reputed to one of the leading authorities in this region about Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Master Trainer of sales and sales management training, customer service, attitudinal training, and motivation programs.  The impact of his lively, entertaining, and creative training concepts has inspired his participants to attain excellence and peak performance in their organizations.

He was a licensed trainer of Leadership International Corporation of the United States of America in the areas of management training programs. He is also a licensed trainer of Sales Management of the United States of America in the area of Management Planning & Execution training programs.

He is also a Certified Trainer on Leadership, an international training organization based in USA .He has personally conducted  Leadership and  Management Training for IBM, LENOVA China, BATA Malaysia, PETRONAS, Oracle USA, Huawei, Samsung, Maybank, IBM,  IOI Properties, Sime UEP, MK Land, UEM Sunrise Berhad, SP Setia, Gamuda, BDB Land, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Petronas, UMW Oil & Gas, Wah Seong, Mead Johnson, Sara Lee, Carlsberg Marketing, PERMANIS, Bank Negara, AIA, Uni Asia, Great Eastern Life, Tokio Marines, MSIG, MAXIS, SIME DARBY, CIMB Wealth Advisors, MAYBANK, PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE,CONTINENTAL TYRE, GOODYEAR TYRE, MEAD JOHNSON, ATOS ORIGIN, HP, SAP, Motorola, National Panasonic, ManuLife (formerly known as John Hancock Life Insurance), Zurich-MCIS, American Home Assurance, HLA, AIG, Tractor Malaysia Berhad, Ford Motor, Tan Chong Motor, Proton and Axa Life Singapore, to name a few and many more.

He travels the world particularly ASEAN countries, China, Australia and America developing and training his MANAGERS and LEADERS to enhance their performance and effectiveness and to contribute positively to their organizations. He has conducted over 25,000 highly successful seminars and workshops for various levels of participants – ranging from top management, senior managers, managers, executives, sales personnel and supervisors from the ASEAN and Australia Asia regions.

Mr Tee , a NLP Master Trainer is also well-known for his consultancy work to help his clients to increase their productivity  sharpening their strategies .He works hand in hand with clients such as Kraft Food , Nutriplus , F & N , GREAT EASTERN LIFE , PETRONAS,CIMB Bank , DRB-HICOM , NCR Corporation , PRUDENTIAL UNIT TRUSTS , RESORT WORLD and many others to increase their competitive edge .

In the last 5 years, he has managed Leadership Training projects successful  to train and develop managers  in TM, Mead Johnson ,Sara Lee and many others to achieve outstanding results. He has helped to propel Mead Johnson Nutrition to achieve 22% new business growth in 2009 and also increase the market share to be No.2 in Borneo Region. This is an outstanding achievement for the sales team considering the tough market condition and keen competition.

Besides his vast experience in financial services, Mr Casey Tee is also a very much sought-after course leader for many SMIs as well as many public listed companies. His previous participants have described his training program as extremely well designed, highly impactful, effective and practical. Among his many valued clients are Petronas, National Panasonic, MISC, John Master, Caelygirl, Dumex, Bristol-Myer, Adabi Consumer Industries, Ace Canning Corporation, Lam Soon Group, UDA, Ajinamotto , Carrier International, PJ Development Holdings Bhd, Damai Laut Golf Resorts, Carlsberg Marketing, Arab-Malaysian Banking Group, Hino Motor Bhd, Yeoh Hiap Seng Group, Bausch & Lomb, Mitutoyo, Clarins of Paris, McKinnon & Clark(UK) ,PJ Development , Iskandar Development Authority ,DNA Testing Instrument and many more.

His diverse training experience covering Automobile, FMCG, insurance, banking , unit trust , trading and manufacturing make his consultancy work more enriching and add value to his clients.


  1. Al Rajhi Bank Leadership Convention in Malaysia in 2007(200 participants)
  2. Petronas Dealers’ Sales Convention
  3. Murphy Oil Sarawak Leadership Talk
  4. UMW Oil & Gas Management Training
  5. Samsung Dealers Sales & Motivation (500 Pax)
  6. Canon Sales Convention 2001(500 Pax)
  7. Johnson & Johnson Management Convention
  8. Timberland Sales & Motivation2014
  9. HP International Sales & Motivation Rally in Bangkok 2013(300pax)
  10. Maxis Mobile Motivation Convention (350 Pax)
  11. Singapore Tourism Board Annual Presentation Training
  12. OCBC Regional Management Convention in 2007(300 participants)
  13. Prudential Unit Trust National Sales & Management Convention (250 participants)
  14. TM Asia Life National Convention 2005 and 2007(350 participants)
  15. EON Bank National Achiever Convention in 2006(150 Pax) and 2009(200 Pax)
  16. HSBC Trainer Conference in 2007
  17. AIG Sales Congress in 2005 (1350 Pax)
  18. AXA Affin General Insurance Sales Achiever Convention in 2005(250 participants)
  19. Namlifa Annual Sales Congress (3,000 participants)
  20. MSIG Regional Convention and Leaders Retreat in 2009(300 Pax)
  21. Uni.Asia Life National Planning Conference in 2009(1350 Pax)
  22. CIMB Wealth Advisors GBOP Speakers in 2008 at Sheraton Hotel , Subang
  23. Maxis Sales Convention in Kota Kinabalu
  24. TM Shop Sales Convention
  25. Mead Johnson 2007 National Sales Convention
  26. 2009 AmAssurance Women’s Convention
  27. NIAM 1st Convention in Bangkok 2009
  28. 2009 Prudential Sales Convention in Kuching, Sarawak
  29. BSN Sales Convention in IOI Palm Resort 2010.
  30. UZMA Berhad Leadership Seminar
  31. Eco World’s Sun Tzu Art of War Seminar 2015
  32. U Mobile Communication Sales Training
  33. Carlsberg Marketing Management Seminar
  34. DHL Sun Tzu’s Art of War Supply Chain Seminar
  35. Samsung Annual Convention 2015
  36. DHL Supply Chain leadership Sun Tzu’s Art of Success Convention in Shah Alam
  37. Cargill Leadership Convention in Shanghai 2015
  38.  Zurich Insurance annual Sales Convention 2015
  39. CWA Super Consultants Sales Summit (3500 Pax)
  40. OSK Asset Management Sales Convention 2015
  41. Tokio Marines Sales Convention 2015
  42.  Great Eastern Takaful National Sales Convention
  43. Uzma Oil & Gas Sun Tzu’s Keynote Address 2015

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