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Brushstrokes of Leadership

Leadership skills have now been universally recognized as a key ingredient – some would say the key ingredient – in personal and professional development. People often debate the differences and similarities of leadership and management. But the majority of practical people are interested primarily in what they have to do, and not whether it should be labelled ‘leadership’ or ‘management’ or both. But how do you become such a leader? Is it possible to develop your own abilities as a leader? If leadership matters to you, this program will give you a framework for developing the essentials of being a leader.

  • Define “leadership”
  • Explain the Great Man Theory & the Trait Theory
  • Understand the people you lead and how to adapt your leadership styles
  • Explain leading by Directing, Coaching, Explain, & Participating
  • List Kouzes and Posner’s Top 7 Qualities
  • Conduct a personal inventory
  • Create an action plan and establish personal goals


As long as there have been leaders, there have been those who tried to determine how and why they were successful. Leadership itself has not evolved, but our understanding of it has. It is important to understand why very different leadership styles can be effective, why the same leadership techniques will not work in every situation, and which leadership style fits your personality best. Everyone has leadership potential within them but understanding these concepts will help you maximize your leadership ability.

  • Defining Leadership
  • Leadership Principles
  • A Brief History of Leadership
  • Three Theories of Leadership


Not everyone is on the same intellectual, maturity, compliance, or motivational level.

Different people are motivated by different things, and this must be considered if one is to be a great leader. Communications experts consider it critical to tailor your message to your “target audience.” It is the followers that you want to motivate, and influence and you cannot do that if you don’t know whom you are trying to motivate or influence.

  • Situational Leadership: Telling
  • Situational Leadership: Selling
  • Situational Leadership: Participating
  • Situational Leadership: Delegating


In 2002, Jossey Bass published a book by James Kouzes and Barry Posner called The Leadership Challenge. Building upon the Hersey-Blanchard model and other transformational leadership models, they went to the heart of what skills are required by the leader to stimulate such a transformation. What abilities are able to influence followers and bring them to accept the leader’s vision as their own?

  • An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner
  • A Personal Inventory
  • Creating an Action Plan


Remember that the best leaders are examples of what they want their followers to be. George Washington rode into battle with his troops. You cannot lead from the rear and sending your followers out to take the heat and face the challenges while you remain in an ivory tower will eliminate any possibility of respect.

  • Determining Your Way
  • Being an Inspirational Role Model
  • Influencing Others’ Perspectives


The key to true leadership is to inspire a shared vision among your followers. Before you can convey a vision, however, you must develop it. You must be clear in your vision, live it before others can see it, and model it from your behavior.

  • Choosing Your Vision
  • Communicating Your Vision
  • Identifying the Benefit for Others


Far too often, we cling to what is familiar, even if what we cling to is known to be inadequate. Most large groups are governed by the law of inertia: if it takes effort to change something, nothing will change. As a leader, you must search out opportunities to change, grow, innovate, and improve.

  • Developing Your Inner Innovator
  • Seeing Room for Improvement
  • Lobbying for Change


As mentioned before, you cannot do your followers’ work for them. Besides, if you do their work, what are they getting paid for? You have your own work to do. This is the goal of the Hersey-Blanchard situational Leadership model: to develop your followers to the point where you can delegate tasks without a lot of oversight.

  • Encouraging Growth in Others
  • Creating Mutual Respect
  • The Importance of Trust


No one wants to be considered a “human resource.” A resource is something you use if it is functional. When the shelf life expires or is no longer as effective as it once was, you throw it away without a thought. Employees, workers and followers are not robots. Human beings have intellect and emotions. Failing to deal with them on those levels will ultimately backfire. You cannot program loyalty.

  • Sharing Rewards
  • Celebrating Accomplishments
  • Making Celebration Part of Your Culture


A vision without specific, targeted goals is just a wish or a hope. Without targeted goals, how will you ever know if your vision is being accomplished? A vision needs a project roadmap with milestones, but how do you determine what those goals are? First, we will discuss goals themselves, then how to determine what your goals should be and how to support them.

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Creating a Long-Term Plan
  • Creating a Support System

All managers, executives, supervisors, teama leaders, all support & admin personnel who are involved directly or indirectly with sales & marketing, customer service & front desk

  • Expert Input, Instructions
  • Comprehensive Notes, Workbook & Handouts
  • Group Discussions, Presentations
  • Group & Individual Exercises
  • Video Clips, Brainstorming Sessions
  • Practical Hands On Sessions


  • Accredited iWAM Consultant by Asia Pacific Institute of
  • Approved HRDF Trainer by Ministry of Human Resources
  • Accredited NLP Practitioner and Coach by
  • Certified SEASCF (Southeast Asia Sport Climbing Federation) Level II Climber.

Surain Azhar Victor engages in learning and development for thirteen years. Surain Azhar believes that you can succeed quickly and best by helping others to succeed, he has conducted training programs for corporate corporations, government organizations and learning institutions on topics such as Team Excellence, Creativity and Innovation, Personal Effectiveness Control, Critical Thinking Skills in Decision Making, Train-the-Trainer, Impressive Impressions, Personality Profiles, Personal Leadership, and related topics that meet customer needs. He studies companies, organizations, communities and individuals who are successful in finding patterns of how they can achieve comprehensive achievements. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, he has taught at five institutions of higher learning – both public and private. In addition to delivering learning and development programs, he continues to be busy with wall climbing activities, contributing articles to Petrosains, and reviewing literature on science and psychology. Currently, Surain strives to foster community engage in climbing and developing sports in the country. Its focus is always to create an environment that enables a meaningful learning experience, inspires and empowers.



IBM Malaysia, Telekom Malaysia, OCBC, AmBank, Media Prima Sdn. Bhd., Meditop Sdn. Bhd., Kotra Pharma, Pfizer Malaysia, Toshiba (M) Sdn. Bhd., Panasonic (M) Sdn. Bhd., Shimitzu-Nishimatsu-UEM-IJM, Loh & Loh Constructions Sdn. Bhd., AirAsia Academy, Exxon Mobil (M) Bhd., Hitachi Sdn. Bhd., Ajinomoto (M) Sdn. Bhd., BASF Polyurethanes Sdn. Bhd., DHL Express Sdn. Bhd., Malaysian Assurance Alliance, Selayang Mall Sdn. Bhd., Retirement Fund Incorporated, Newspapers in Education of New Straits Times, F&N Dairies (M) Sdn. Bhd.


Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council, Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, Institut Sosial Malaysia, Department of Women’s Development, Building and Woodworkers International, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Young Women’s Christian Association, St. John’s Ambulance of Malaysia, National Co-Operative Organization of Malaysia, National Science Centre, National Planetarium of Malaysia, Unit Belia Pekak KL


University of Malaysia Sabah, International Islamic University Malaysia, University Selangor, INTI International University College, Nilai International University College, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Masterskill UC, Taylor’s Lakeside UC, MSU, IACT, Berjaya UC, APIIT, UTAR, Military Academy Malaysia, MAHSA University College, Taylor’s College, SEGI College, Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology, SM Stella Maris, SM LaSalle PJ, International School of Kuala Lumpur, Deutsche Schule of Kuala Lumpur, SBP Integrasi Gombak, HELP University College, Sunway University College.

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