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Course Overview

In NLP there are many different strategies, processes & techniques that you can use that will allow people to become more responsive. In a sales context having specific processes to build the responsiveness of your prospect including anticipation & excitement over either the product or the results the product can bring would be useful to any sales professional.

At the end of the seminar, participants will:

  • Realize your personal potential & start charging forward for success.
  • Develop impact style & create a persona to captivate audiences.
  • Create richer internal representations to evoke positive responses from people
  • Understand what drives/motivates people.
  • Strengthen the beliefs of a great salesperson & create comfort bubble to shieldnegatives (by smashing through your own limiting beliefs & constructing rich,
    bulletproof ones!).
  • Grease the wheels of persuasion – turn any problem into an opportunity to reduce objection & convert it into your advantage.
  • Apply various NLP techniques to mental prepare yourselves to handle sales tasks.
  • Build deep rapport & speak to people’s unconscious wants/needs.
  • Master the technique of internal representational system & embedded commands.
  • Develop sensory acuity towards customer’s emotions.
  • Apply powerful ‘close’ even with the most negative custo


Bottom line, you should enroll in this course because you want to close more sales. It’s time to move up from the old, tired, basic sales trainings & discover the real ropes of subconscious influence to make you a sales hero! Here you will get usable tools that you can put into action right away.

Our Distinguished Trainer:


  • Certified Trainer PSMB (Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia)
  • Certified Master Performance
  • Coach (ICF Approved – International Coach Federation)
  • From DC Psychology International
    and American Institute of Business
    – Certification in Colored Brain Communication
    – Certification in Human Drivers and Motivation
    – Certification in Curriculum Development
  • Certification in Neuro Linguistic
    Programming (NLP)
  • She has presented papers in various national events, seminars including speaking at PSMB Forum & CEO Forum and was rated highly by both the audiences and the organizers. She received her training in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Prior to starting her own company she has worked with the Singapore Trade Development Board & was the Conference Director of AIC, an international conference company listed on the London Stock Exchange, based in Australia.

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If you need further information or inquiries regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Mr. Amir (019-2836657)
  • Ms. Liyana (019-5973573)
  • Tel (03-7499 7190)