Occupational Safety & Health Management In The Workplace

//Occupational Safety & Health Management In The Workplace
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Course Overview

Recent significant changes to safety legislation place the onus firmly on employers to ensure a safe working environment for all employees. Employees have certain duties and responsibilities. This two-day intensive program will provide valuable and high quality insights into the safety and health requirements expected of an employer and employee.

Management needs to understand the fundamentals to reduce accident rate in the workplace. Under current safety and health laws, the employers’ duties include a safe workplace and safe processes.

At the end of the seminar, participants will:

  • To understand the legal obligations of employers/employees towards safety & health.
  • To comprehend the fundamentals of loss control & to apply suitable control measures to reduce or eliminate risks.
  • To ensure that the employer is aware of safety & health fundamentals.
  • To ensure that the employee is aware of his responsibilities.
  • Understanding the safety legal requirements & safety management techniques.
  • Preparing a safety program.
  • To enable safety & health committee members to perform their duties more effectively.
  • To ensure the setting up & functioning of the safety & health committees are in compliance with the Regulations.


  • Occupational Health & Safety Committee Members


  • Building Managers


  • Managers & Executives Responsible for Safety and Security


  • Potential Emergency Response Team Members

Our Distinguished Trainer:


  • Accredited Accelerated Learning Practitioner, USA.
  • Certified Training Professional Lafarge University, Paris
  • Certificate in Process Facilitation
  • Certificate in Safety & Health– NISOH
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Technology Malaysia)
  • Gopala is also a Subject Matter Expert with Open University Malaysia in Total Quality Management, Quality Control and Quality Improvement.
  • His more than 25 years working portfolio includes roles in Operations Management, Quality Management, Manufacturing Process Improvement, Safety Culture Development and Human Resources Development.
  • Gopala specializes in delivering his program using Accelerated Learning techniques. Through this technique, Gopala manages a highly engaging, interactive, fun yet intensive learning programs with the purpose of high level of knowledge retention. Among the programs, Gopala can facilitate are Safety Leadership, Visible Felt Leadership, Quality & Safety Management, Process Development and Improvement, Process Facilitation, Team Effectiveness Development, Managing Change and Train the Trainer.

Download Registration form: https://bit.ly/2GkP6mj

If you need further information or inquiries regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Mr. Amir (019-2836657)
  • Ms. Liyana (019-5973573)
  • Tel (03-7499 7190)