Managing Material And Inventory Performance

//Managing Material And Inventory Performance
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Course Overview

Effective material management can only occur with the parallel supportof effective inventory management. Inventory invested should give the maximum contribution to all company business operation and this can happen with excellent inventory management system. This is a two-day training program, is design to  deliver knowledge and technique of managing material and inventory to support supply chain activities in a business organization.

At the end of the seminar, participants will:

  • Distinguish the types of inventory in business.
  • Understand the concept of perpetual inventory and periodic inventory.
  • Learn and apply the 10 Key Performance Indices to help monitor inventory performances.
  • Identify and Grasp the key process of material management.
  • Appraise the current inventory and material management system in place and apply learning to improve condition.


  • Purchasing Team Members.
  • Managers.
  • Executives.

Our Distinguished Trainer:  

Mr. Steven Yeo S H

  • Academic & Professional
    -Diploma in Human Resource Management (UK).
    -Diploma in Production Management (USA).
    -MBA in Supply Chain Management (USA).
    -Certified Professional Trainer and Facilitator (Malayasia).
    -HRDF Certified Trainer and Facilitator.
  • Achievements:
    -projects on Cost Saving and CostReduction activities. He had successfully headed and led one ofthe multinational companies in saving and eliminating a total cost of more than RM 6 million through systematic analysis of Procurement, Production and overall Operational activities.
  • Some companies he has conducted training:
    -Nanmu Yarn / Chaya Chia Group of Companies, Port Klang.
    -Inari Amerton Berhad, Penang.
    -Kangkar Raya Batu Bata Sdn Bhd, Johor.

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If you need further information or inquiries regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Mr. Amir (019-2836657)
  • Ms. Liyana (019-5973573)
  • Tel (03-7499 7190)