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//Excellent In Office Management
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Course Overview

For every skills taught there is a practice session where you have to put the
technique or skill into use either in a brainstorming session, a role play or a team
project. You have to practice using the models you are given to understand its
simplicity. Thus, we use case studies & discuss real life situations you face so that
you can try applying these models.

At the end of the seminar, participants will:

  • To learn to leverage on your strengths & use them to get the results desired.
  • To master techniques to change your state within minutes from down to peak & empowering.
  • To control your attention & to engage in accurate thinking.
  • To learn to prioritize, plan, schedule & organize your workload & tasks.
  • To manage effectively interruptions, meetings & people in the work environment.
  • To be knowledge based & to continuously keep yourself updated.
  • To be able to communicate effectively & with results.
  • To develop strategies for relating well, handling difficult people & grievances.
  • To establish better working relationships with bosses & colleagues.
  • To learn to handle stress, pressure & conflicts.
  • To get out of comfort zone – master tips to be more creative & proactive.


  • This workshop is targeted at all secretaries, personal assistants, administrators, support staff, front office, customer service & all personnel who want to achieve the “High Performance Role” of personal effectiveness, efficiency & organizational improvement.

Our Distinguished Trainer:


  • Hamidah is a PSMB/HRDF recognised trainer.
  • She has a Certificate in Training & Development (ITD, UK) & a Diploma in Training Management.
  • She also attended the consultancy program “Loyalty Management” in Oslo, Norway where she learned about strategies on creating a customer loyalty culture.
  • Her forte is in personal skills which include Customer Service, Communication, Coaching, Counseling & Train-the-Trainer. Hamidah has also appeared on RTM’s “Selamat Pagi Malaysia” to speak on Personal Change & Communication Skills.
  • Hamidah has a unique background in management, finance & banking. The past 22 years she has conducted training in management development, communication & the art of presentation.
  • Among the organizations that had enjoyed Hamidah in-house programs are as follows:
    -Panasonic, Sunway Group, Ambank, IBM, Celcom, CIMB, BSN, Asian Finance Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Petronas Penapisan, Sunway.

Download Registration form: https://bit.ly/2UKqOVH

If you need further information or inquiries regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Mr. Amir (019-2836657)
  • Ms. Liyana (019-5973573)
  • Tel (03-7499 7190)